Online Advertising


Digital Marketing

A successful online advertising campaign attracts the right type of visitors to your website and leads them down the path to becoming a customer. This requires identifying the right buyer and crafting a message that resonates with that target market. We work closely with you to get the best results from your advertising budget and constantly monitor and optimize our clients’ campaigns.

How we manage your advertising campaign:

  • Identify the objectives of campaign
  • Identify the target audience you want to reach
  • Choose the optimal platform
    • Google AdWords
    • Paid social media
  • Develop the key messages
  • Design the lead magnets to fill your sales funnel
  • Measure success with analytics so that you know which initiatives worked best – and where to put your efforts in the future!

Email Marketing

Almost everyone you talk to will tell you they get too many emails these days. Our job is to ensure that emails they receive from you are ones they want to open. We develop engaging copy with relevant messaging to trigger clicks and drive traffic to your website.

Content Marketing

Everyone’s talking about it as the “must have” component of every marketing campaign. We agree – but only partially.

Why? It’s not about the amount of content you put out. It’s about the relevance of that content to your audience. Our content mix for your business might include:

  • Blog Posts
    • Educate and inform your target audience and establish you as a thought leader in your industry
  • Social media
    • Lead magnets to educate your targets on solutions to their pain point and help them to self-select as prospects in your sales funnel
  • Newsletters
    • Keep customers and prospects apprised of information that might be of interest to them and maintain your top-of-mind position